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What our customers say

The pillow has changed my life. From not sleeping at night to sleeping full 8 hours. Love it!
- Sigridur Jonsdottir
I sleep much better now and my back pain is gone!
- Sigurdur Jonsson
Keilir Pillow has unbelivable effect on my sleep and it's easy to travel with!
- Alda

Amazing versatile pillow

Keilir Pillow is a health pillow that is adjustable the the needs of the user. Keilir Pillow is made of Memory Foam, pressure-sensitive foam that forms quickly to the shape of the head, also used in other health related products all over the world. Keilir Pillow is made of 5 support pads which are adjustable. Unlike other health pillows Keilir pillow is small (30x43xm) and compact, easy to travel with and comes in a travel bag.

Great for
  • While traveling on a plane
  • On a bus or in the car
  • For a better sleep while at sea
  • At home watching TV...
Benefits of Keilir Pillow
  • Experience and enjoy a more restful sleep
  • Better support around the head and neck
  • Perfect for traveling
  • Weighs only 400 gr.

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